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  刘毅词汇基础听写记录—dictated by majian from www.icanlisten.com

Fundamental Vocabulary for the Primary Learners
Lesson One
Preparation Test
1. When water (), it is full of bubbles.
2. Many people resort to the beaches in () weather.
3. Let’s all cooperate to get the work done ().
4. He was (), because his name was omitted from the list.
5. They put the blame for the () on the driver of the car.
Part 1
Abroad: He lived abroad for many years; he knows several foreign languages.
Affect: The small amount of rain last year affected the growth of crops.
Attend: All children over seven must attend school.
Blame: I’ve done my best; neither praise nor blame can affect me now.
Bubble: Children like to make bubbles with soap and water.
Cemetery: There are many tombs in the cemetery.
Commendation: He was given a commendation for bravery after he saved the little children from the fire.
Conflict: Some people think that there is a great deal of conflict between religion and science.
Cooperate: The children cooperated with their teachers in keeping their classrooms (听成classroom’s) clean.
Curious: I'm curious to what my teacher said to my mother.
Part 2
Delicious: We had some delicious cakes after dinner.
Direct: There was nobody to direct the workman. Which is the most direct way to London?
Draw: Draw your chair nearer (文本为nearer, 听起来像是near ) to the table.
Empire: The United States was once a part of the British Empire.
Event: The discovery of America was a great event.
Failure: Success came after many failures.
File: Please put these letters in the main file. The secretary filed the cards in order.
Frank: He was frank to admit that he had not studied the lesson.
Generate: We know that heating water can generate steam.
Halt: The soldiers halted for a rest.
Part 3
Horn: A goat has two horns on its head.
Individual: A teacher cannot give individual attention if his class is large. The rights of the individual are more important then the rights of society as a whole.
Interval: There was a long interval before he replied.
Knot: The knots on your package must be tied tightly.
Liberal: He is liberal in his views on government. They want their children to have a liberal education.
Magnificent: The king was wearing a magnificent gold crown.
Mental: Keeping mental health is very important in modern society.
Momentary: Her feeling of danger was only momentary; it soon passed.
Neutral: He remained (听起来像是remain但不合语法) neutral in the argument between his two brothers.
Omit: He made many mistakes in spellig by omitting letters.
Part 4
Peacock: A peacock can fly only short distances.
Pioneer: John Glenn was a pioneer in space travel.
Pray: I will pray to God for you safe return.
Pronounce: The teacher pronounced each word slowly. The doctor pronounced that the man was dead.
Race: There are main three kinds of races in the world: the white race, the black race, and the yellow race. Please tell me which horse won the race.
Relative: He has many relatives in the United States. East is a relative term; for example, France is east of England but west of Italy.
Resort: When we were high school students, we resorted to the restaurant. He always resorted to asking his friends for money.
Rub: He rubbed his hands together to warm up.
Shadow: He walked along in the shadows hoping no one would recognize him.
Situation: I’m in a difficult situation and I don't know what to do.
Part 5
Sore: His sore leg made walking difficult.
Spread: His sister spread a cloth on the table.
Stomach: It is unwise to swim on a full stomach.
Suitcase: He took two suitcases with him on the trip.
Talent: The girl has a talent for music.
Throne: He was only fifteen years old when he came to the throne.
Transfer: He had asked for a transfer to another job. The football player is hoping to transfer to another team soon.
Usage: Machines (听不出表示复数的s) soon wear out under rough usage.
Vowel: The vowels in the English language are represented by a, e, i, o, u, and, sometimes, y.
Withdraw: He quick withdrew his hand from the hot stove.
Lesson Two
Preparation Test
1. The rider cursed his () horse.
2. An absolute ruler can do just as ().
3. There is usually a ceremony when a new building is ().
4. The () was sent to him by freitht.
5. The peak of the roof is the () part of the house.
Part 1
Absolute: He is a man of absolute honesty.
Agency: The Ford Company has agencies all over the country.
Attitude: He took a sympathetic attitude towards my situation.
Blank: Please write your name in the blank space at the top of the page.
Bulk: A vast bulk of coal is still stored in the basement
Ceremony: Their marriage ceremony was performed in the church.
Commerce: Our country has grown rich because of its commerce with other nations.
Confuse: Even their own mother sometimes confused the twins.
Copper: Copper is easily shaped into thin sheet or fine wire.
Curse: He cusred the poor waitress who had spilled soup on him.
Part 2
Delight: Moving pictures give great delight to millions of people.
Disappear: The little disappeared around the corner.
Drift: The boat was taken out to sea by the drift of the tide.
Employ: That big factory employs many workers.
Evidence: When the police arrived, he had already distroyed all the evidence.
Faculty: John has the faculty to learn languages easily. That would be discussed in the next faculty meeting.
Financial: Before he decided to study abroad, he has to solve financial problems.
Freight: This aircraft company deals with freight only; is has no travel service.
Generous: It was very generous of them to share their meal with their poor neighbors.
Handy: There were handy shelves near the kitchen sink.
Part 3
Horrible: I have never seen such a horrible car accident.
Industrious: An industrious student usually has good grades.
Intimate: Although my brother knew many people, he had few intimate friends.
Knowledge: A baby has no knowledge of good an evil.
Liberty: They fought to defend their liberty against the invaders.
Majesty: They were inspired by the majesty of the snow-covered mountains.
Mention: Do not mention the terrible accident before the little children.
Monument: The ruins (ruins 废墟,不是ruin的复数) of the castle is an ancient monument which the government pays money to preserve.
Nickname: He got the nickname “fatty” because he was very fat.
Onion: Onion has a very strong smell and taste.
Part 4
Peak: The mountain is covered with snow all year round.
Pit: Water collected in the pit left when the old trees were uprooted.
Preach: Many people went to church to hear him preach.
Proof: We must wait for better proof before we believe.
Rag: She wiped her boots with a rag.
Release: After he was released from prison, he came home directly.
Responsibility; Now that you are thirteen, you should have more sense of responsibility.
Rude: It is rude to stare at people or to point with a finger.
Scorn: We feel scorn for a traitor.
Shallow: The lake is too shallow for swimming.
Part 5
Soul: They were praying for the souls of the dead.
Sprinkle: He sprinkled sand along the icy path.
Stoop: He stooped to pick up the paper.
Sum: He paid the sum of $ 10 for a new bag. The sum of two and three is five.
Talkative: No man likes talkative women.
Throughout: The woodwork in the house was rotten throughout. His name is famous throughout the world.
Transport: Wheat is transported from the farms to the mills.
Utter: He was gone before she could utter a word. She is an utter stranger to me.
Voyage: The voyage from England to India used to take six months.
Wither: The grass withered in the sun.
Lesson Three
Preparation Test
1. My feet were damp from walking home in the ().
2. When he leavened that he had () the test, he felt relieved.
3. He could not resist the attraction of an () girl.
4. The woman showed mercy to the hungry beggar and gave him ().
5. () are tame animals.
Part 1
Academic: The academic year begins when school opens in September.
Ahead: Tom was a quick, so he soon got ahead of the others.
Attraction: He cannot resist the attraction of the sea in hot weather.
Blaze: I put some wood on the fire, and it soon burst into a blaze.
Challenge: I challenged him to a game of tennis.
Commit: A man who steals commits a crime. He committed ( 委托,托付) himself to the doctor’s care.
Congress: In some countries, the congress is composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives.
Correction: Teachers usually make corrections in red ink.
Damp: If you sleep between damp sheets, you will probably catch cold.
Demand: This sort of work demands great patience.
Part 2
Disappoint: I was disappointed when I heard you couldn't come to the party.
Drown: The fisherman almost got drowned when his boat was overturned.
Encourage: The teacher’s praise encouraged the students to study hard.
Evident: It is now evident that if I don't study hard, I’ll fail the course.
Fable: He read stories to the children from an old book of fables.
Firm: We build houses on firm ground.
Frequent: Sudden rainstorms are frequent on this coast.
Genius: Important discoveries and inventions are usually made by men of genius.
Harbor: The ship is in the harbor of New York.
Howl: The dogs were howling at the stranger.
Part 3
Infamous: Everybody doesn't (文本为Nobody) like him because he is an infamous liar.
Introduce: The chairman introduced the speaker to the audience.
Labor: The majority of men earn their living by manual labor.
Lid: Do not open the lid of the stove.
Majority: The majority of people prefer peace to war.
Mercy: He showed mercy to his enemies and let them live(没听出).
Moral: The teacher felt a moral responsibility for the student’s crime.
Nod: The president nodded and everyone sat down around the table.
Operate: The machine operates day and night.
Painful: He had a painful cut on him thumb.
Part 4
Pearl: The natural pearl is much more expensive than a cultured one.
Pitch: Every child likes to pitch stones into a lake. We pitched our tent under the tree.
Precious: Time is precious; do not waste it on worthless deeds.
Property: The police found some stolen property hidden in the thief’s house.
Rage: He flew into a rage when he found they had gone without him.
Relieve: The medicine will soon relieve your headache. We were relieved to hear that you had arrived safely.
Restless: He couldn't sit still; he was very restless.
Rug: There are several small rugs in the living room.
Scout: The scout went out during the night.
Shame: She felt shame at having been so thoughtless.
Part 5
Sketch: He gave a sketch of his plans for the expedition.
Sound: He had a sound body; he is in healthy condition. They heard the sound of the train whistle.
Spy: The spy reported the new development of a new weapon. His job was to spy on the enemy.
Storage: A cold storage is used to keep eggs and meat from spoiling.
Summon: They were summoned to the bedside of their dying father.
Tame: It is not difficult to ride a tame horse. He tamed the lions for the circus.
Thrust: Jack trusted his hands into him pockets.
Trap: The police set a trap to catch the escaped prisoner.
Vaccinate: He was vaccinated against several diseases at one time.
Wage: His wage is $ 30 a week.
Witness: The boy witnessed the accident. He made the remark in the presence of several witnesses.
Lesson Four
Preparation Test
1. Just before sunset (日落) , the peasant stop working in the ().
2. Let’s () now and resume working at two o’clock.
3. The little girl was frightened by the () dog.
4. He looked () as if he had seen a ghost.
5. Your hair is so tangled that it looked as if().
Part 1
Accentuate: The dark frame accentuates the brightness of the picture.
Aim: He aimed the lion, fired, and killed it. The hunter took aim at the lion.
Audience: The audience were very excited by the show.
Bless: The brought the children to church and the priest blessed them.
Bundle: We sent her a large bundle of presents on her birthday.
Characteristic: What are the characteristics that distinguish the Chinese from the Japanese?
Communicate: We cannot communicate with people in Europe and America by telephone. Radio, television, and newspaper quickly communicate news to all parts of the world.
Connect: The two towns are connected by a railway.
Correspond: Janet and Bob corresponded (联系、通信) for many years before they met. The house exactly corresponds with my needs.
Darken: The sky quickly darkened after sunset.
Part 2
Deny: The employer denied them an increase of wage.
Discharge: Factory chimneys discharge smoke into the atmosphere and make it dirty. The servant was discharged for being dishonest.
Dull: The blade of this knife is so dull that it will not cut a radish.
Endeavor: He made an endeavor to save the drowning girl. The sick man did not endeavor to get better.
Excellence: His teacher praised him for the excellence of his report.
Fade: The flowers in the garden faded at the end of summer.
Fist: He raised his fist and threatened to hit me.
Frighten: She was frightened to look down from the top of the tall building.
Ghost: They claim that the ghost of the murdered man appears every night.
Hardship: Hunger, cold and sickness were among the hardships of pioneer life.
Part 3
Huge: Samson was a man of huge physical strength.
Inferior: His grades are inferior to mine this semester.
Invent: Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
Lighten: A candle lightened the darkness of the great hall.
Male: Boys and men are male; girls and women are female.
Merit: Each child will get a mark according to the merit of his work.
Mortal: He received a mortal wound soon after the battle began. It’s beyond mortal power to bring a dead man back to life.
Opportunity: I’m glad to have this opportunity of speaking to you.
Palace: His home is a palace compared with our poor little house.
Peasant: Many peasants were needed to help the farmer with the harvest.
Part 4
Pity: I gave the beggar some money, feeling pity for him.
Preface: What did the write say in the preface of the book?
Proportion: The proportion of sunny days to rainy days last month was four to one.
Religious: Religious services are held here every Sunday.
Resume: We resumed our journey after a short rest.
Ruin: Proper care protect our property from ruin. She poured water all over my painting and ruined it.
Scrape: The boy scraped the mud from his shoes.
Sharp: She cut the meat with a sharp knife. The meeting starts at two o’clock sharp, don't be late.
Skill: The teacher managed her pupils with wonderful skill.
Part 5
Sour: Some people do not like lemon juice; it tastes sour.
Square: A square has four equal sizes and four ninety-degree angles.
Stout: He was tow stout to fit into his old cloth.
Superintendent: He is the superintendent of this school.
Tangle: I don't like to sew with thread that tangles easily.
Thumb: He accidentally hit him thumb with the hammer.
Treaty: The peace treaty was sighed in Paris last summer.
Vanish: Their fear vanished when the storm ended.
Warfare: Civilians as well as soldiers take part in modern warfare.
Witty: A witty person makes witty remarks.
Lesson Five
Preparation Test
1. The blind man () things clearly.
2. There are some deposits at the () of this bottle.
3. The president is burdened with () for decisions which may affect the whole country.
4. His mother () box and disclosed what was in it.
5. He had a humble job with very () wages.
Part 1
Accept: She asked me to go to the party; and I accepted her invitation.
Alarm: Some earthquakes are so common here that people don't feel much alarm at them.
Author: Do you who the author of this novel is?
Blind: The deaf and blind deserve sympathy and help.
Burden: The mule was burdened with a heavy loads. She had too heavy a burden and became sick.
Charitable: He was a charitable man who used his wealth for the poor and sick man.
Companion: John traveled around the world with me as my companion.
Conquer: Scientists are seeking ways to conquer cancer.
Costume: The professor was in academic costume when I saw him yesterday.
Dash: In a moment of anger, he dashed the glass against the door.
Part 2
Deposit: There is often a deposit of sand and mud at the mouse of a river. He deposited quite a lot of money in the bank.
Disclose: The lifting of the curtain disclosed a beautiful painting.
Dumb: The class remained dumb when the teacher asked a difficult question.
Endure: Be quite, I can’t endure the noises any longer.
Exception: You all must take the examination; I can make no exception.
Extreme: The extreme penalty of the law is punishment by death.
Flame: The whole village was in flames when we got there.
Glance: He looked over the newspapers with a hasty glance. I glanced out of the window to see if the rain had stopped.
Hardware: He bought a hammer and other hardware at the store.
Humble: The vastness of the universe makes a person feel humble. Lincoln was born in a humble log cabin.
Part 3
Influence: His influence made me a better man. Don't let me influence your decision.
Investigate: The police investigated the cause of a railway accident.
Lack: The plants died for lack of water.
Lighting: Lighting is usually followed by thunder.
Mammal: A whale is not a fish, but a mammal.
Motion: Avoid unnecessary motion of your hand when you are writing.
Normal: The normal temperature of the human body is 36.5 degrees Centigrade.
Oppose: I'm very much opposed to your going abroad.
Palm: She put a coin in the palm of the beggar’s hand.
Peck: The bird pecked the hole in the tree.
Part 4
Planet: The earth is one of the planets that move around the sun.
Preparation: We are getting things together in preparation for the trip.
Proposal: He had made a proposal that she should take a rest for a while.
Remarkable: She is remarkable for her sweet temper.
Retain: She retains a clear memory of her school days.
Rust: The unpainted metal tools were covered with rust.
Scratch: The man scratched the match on the wall. He has a deep scratch on his face.
Shave: Do you share yourself or go to the barber’s?
Slant: The slant of the roof is too steep to climb.
Part 5
Sow: The farmer sowed the field with wheat.
Squirrel: The squirrels were very busy gathering nuts for the winter.
Strain: He strained every muscle to lift the heavy rock.
Supreme: He showed supreme courage in his decision.
Tap: He tapped me on the shoulder. Hot water flowed from the tap.
Thunder: We have had a lot of thunder this summer.
Tremble: She trembles when she heard the bad news.
Vapor: Strange vapors rose from the dark lake.
Warrior: Warriors couldn't defeat only with their spears.
Woe: Sickness and poverty are common woes.
Lesson Six
Preparation Test
1. We can see the () star at dusk.
2. He had some rare stamps which are () available.
3. She left her children at home with a pang of ().
4. A cottage is a small house used by people during holidays in the ().
5. He was faint with ().
Part 1
Accidental: We became friends after our accidental meeting at the Christmas party.
Ambition: One of his ambitions is to become a famous politician.
Authority: The policeman has the authority to arrest speeding drivers.
Blossom: All the orchards blossom in the spring. The cherry trees are in full blossom now.
Bureau: An information bureau collects and keeps various facts.
Charm: His essays have a charm of style that cannot be found in other writers.
Comparison: The buildings in Taipei are small in comparison with the skyscrapers in New York.
Conscience: Jean’s got no conscience; she’d ( ‘d听不出) steal anything from any body.
Cottage: He lives in a cottage in the woods.
Dawn: We started our trip at dawn in order to get there before noon.
Part 2
Depress: The rainy season always depresses me. When business is depressed, many men lose their positions.
Discourage: We tried to discourage him from climbing the mountain without a guide. Try again, don't let one failure discourage you.
Dusk: The buildings over are scarcely visible in the dusk.
Exchange: Exchange of prisoners during a war is not very common.
Extraordinary: Eight feet is an extraordinary height for a man.
Faint: She called for help in a faint voice.
Flash: The lighting flashed across the sky.
Frost: Frost has killed several of our young plants.
Gleam: A gleam of light shone through the partly opened door.
Harness: The saddle is a party of a horse’s harness. We can harness water in a river to produce electric power.
Part 3
Hymn: The people joined together in singing a hymn. They hymned their thanks to God.
Inform: Can you inform where he lives right now?
Invite: She invited his friends to her birthday party.
Ladder: The boy (听起来像是boys) climbed the ladder to get into their tree house.
Limb: That man with one arm lost his other limb in an airplane crash.
Manage: He couldn't manage his horse and it threw him to the ground. They hired a young man to manage their business.
Method: Jonas Salk found a new method of teaching music.
Motive: We despise those we act from low or selfish motive.
Nostril: The Indian princess wore a diamond in her right nostril.
Oral: She gave us an oral report instead of a written report.
Part 4
Pang: It is hard to stand the pangs of a toothache.
Peculiar: All cultures (听起来像是creatures) seem to have peculiar customs.
Plate: In America, food is usually served on plates.
Preserve: The city decided to preserve the beautiful old building as a museum.
Prospect: From the top of the hill, there is a beautiful prospect over the hill. I see prospect of his recovery from the disease.
Rare: Today tigers are rare animals in Taiwan. I want my steak very rare, please.
Remedy: This pill is a good remedy for a (文本无a) headache and toothache.
Retire: My father retired from his jobs at the age of sixty.
Scream: A scream for help came from inside the building.
Shed: The garden tools are in that shed. We shed our blood for our country.
Part 5
Slavery: Many men fought for the abolition of slavery.
Spacious: The rooms of the palace were spacious.
Staff: The teaching staff of the school is excellent.
Straw: The farmers covered the barn floor with straw.
Surface: Leaves were floating on the surface of the pond.
Tick: The silence was (文本为were) broken only by the tick of the clock.
Tremendous: The army suffered a tremendous defeat in that battle.
Variety: The store over there has a great variety of toys.
Waterfall: The Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
Worm: The worm turns the soil.
Lesson Seven
Preparation Test
1. A hard blow on the () deafened him for life.
2. The () car on the dirt raised a great dusk.
3. An energetic effort on the part of all members will ensure the () of our plan.
4. We could see many lambs in the () on our way to school.
5. The drunkard () a pledge never to drink again.
Part 1
Accompany: He accompanied his girl friend to the airport.
Amuse: The storyteller’s jokes amused the children.
Avoid: Children should try to avoid crossing the road except when the policeman stops the traffic.
Bomb: A time bomb explodes sometime after it is placed in position.
Burial: The burial of the dead sailor was performed at sea.
Chase: The old lady saw the thief running up the street and chased him on her bicycle.
Compel: He was compelled by illness to give up his studies.
Consent: He asked the girl to marry him and she consented.
Counterpart: Your right hand is the counterpart of your hand.
Deafen: A sudden explosion deafened us for a moment.
Part 2
Derive: We have derived benefit from the new method of generating of electricity. The word “derive” is derived from the Latin “de”(down) and “riddere”(to laugh).
Display: Department stores display their goods in the windows.
Dust: There is half an inch of dust on the books before I cleaned them.
Energetic: Cool autumn days make up feel energetic.
Extent: I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.
Fairy: The fairy promised to grant the (听起来像是grass a)child’s wish.
Flatter: He flattered her with flowers and expensive gifts.
Frown: Mary wanted to go to Europe by herself, but her parents frowned on the idea.
Glimpse: I caught a glimpse of the falls as our trains went by.
Harvest: Many men were needed to help to farmer with the harvest.
Part 3
Inhabit: The earth we inhabit is a point in space.
Involve: Housing keeping involves cooking, washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning.
Lamb: The lambs were playing on the hillside.
Liquid: Water, oil and milk are liquids. The sick man could eat only liquid food.
Mighty: The mighty battle ship was so badly damaged that it could not be used again.
Mount: He mounted the bicycle and rode away. The soldiers mounted on the fine black horses.
Notify: Our teacher notified us that there would be a test on Monday.
Orbit: The moon travels in an orbit around the earth.
Paradise: The island was a paradise of birds and flowers.
Peer: She peered through the mist; try to find the right way.
Part 4
Pledge: I gave my pledge that I will continue to help you. They pledged themselves never to tell the secrets.
Pressure: The air pressure at sea level is nearly fifteen pounds for each square inch.
Prosper: His business prospered at its new location.
Raw: Children like to eat raw fruits.
Remind: This picture reminds me of the story I heard before.
Retreat: The enemy retreated before the advance of our soldiers.
Sacred: The Bible and Koran are sacred (文本音标错) writings.
Screen: We have screens at the windows to keep out flies.(fly复数,苍蝇)
Shelf: The wrecked ship rested on a shelf at the bottom of the sea. I kept that book on the bottom shelf.
Sleeve: The sleeve of her coat was too long.
Part 5
Spare: Take my money but spare my life. She is looking for something to read in her spare time.
Stability: A concrete wall has more stability than a wooden fence.
Strawberry: We had strawberries and ice cream for dessert.
Surgeon: A surgeon took out Fred’s tonsils.
Task: The president (文本为大写) has to perform many tasks.
Tide: They like to walk along the beach at low tide.
Trial: She learned to cook by trial and error. In the trial, she changed her previous statement.
Vast: Texas and Alaska cover vast territories.
Waterproof: Put on you waterproof coat before you go out in the rain. These hiking shoes have been waterproof.
Worsen: The rain worsened our difficulties.
Lesson Eight
Preparation Test
1. The lame boy could not () fast.
2. A () lowered the anchor easily.
3. The whole nation mourn the () of the much loved king.
4. He pretended to like the meal so that he () offend his wife.
5. The little girl was so (), that she blushed every time she was spoken to.
Part 1
Accomplish: How many years did it take to accomplish your purpose?
Anchor: The anchor caught in the mud of the lake bottom and kept the boat from moving.
Awaken: The sun was shining when I awakened this morning.
Blush: She blushed as red as a rose with shame.
Bush: He came out of the shadow of the bush and blinked in the sun.
Cheat: The boy doesn't study hard; and he always cheats in examinations.
Compete: The rival schools competed for the football trophy.
Consequence: He fell ill and the consequence was that he lost his position.
Courage: Courage is the ability to control fear, not the absence of fear.
Debate: The question of whether war can be abolished has often been debated.
Part 2
Descend: The sun slowed descended over the western hill.
Dispose: The general disposed soldiers for the coming battle. You’d better dispose of rubbish before you go out.
Earnest: He made an earnest attempt to persuade her.
Enforce: Policemen and judges will enforce the laws of the city.
Extend: He refused to take the hand I extended in friendship. An imperialistic country extends its power and influence into neighboring countries.
Faithful: Dogs are always faithful to their masters.
Flavor: Chocolate and Vanilla have different flavors.
Frustrate: His indifference frustrated the teacher’s efforts.
Glorious: A glorious victory could be attained only by effort and patience.
Haste: Make haste or you will miss the train again.
Part 3
Identify: Can you identify a composer by listening to his music?
Injure: She was injured badly in the car accident yesterday.
Irregular: The train schedules were irregular during the floods.
Lame: The soldier is not able to walk normally because he is lame from an old wound.
Liquor: Does this restaurant have a license to serve liquor?
Manly: My aunt was a lady of strong mind and great resolution; she was a very manly woman.
Mild: The thief was given a mild punishment then he deserved.
Mourn: All the people mourned the lost of their president.
Notion: Your head is full of silly notions.
Order: He gave orders that the work should be done at once.
Part 4
Paragraph: A new paragraph always begins on a new line.
Penalty: The penalty for his offense was five years in prison.
Pluck: Do not pluck the flowers in the garden, please.
Pretend: He pretended to be asleep when his mother called him.
Protect: We keep our army to protect our country from the enemy.
Realize: He doesn't realize how cold it was until he went outside. He realized his dreams when he became a doctor.
Remove: Our office has removed from New York to Chicago. She could not removed the spot from the carpet.
Reveal: Can you promise never to reveal my secrets?
Sacrifice: A mother was sacrifice her life for her children. Success is not worth the sacrifice of your health.
Screw: Turn the screw to the right to tighten it. The carpenter screwed a lock on the door.
Part 5
Shell: The cock broke the shell of an egg.
Slender: She is a very slender blonde.
Sparkle: The lake sparkled in the sunshine.
Stain: He had ink stains on his shirt. The tablecloth is stained where the (文本无the) food has been spilled.
Stream: They walked along the bank along the stream.
Surrender: We advised the bandits to surrender themselves to the police.
Tasty: All of us have a very tasty meal yesterday.
Tight: The drawer is so tight that I can't open it.
Tribe: America was once the home of many Indian tribes.
Weapon: The soldiers were cleaning their weapons.
Wreck: The building was wrecked because it was unsafe. The wreck of the was reported last night.
Lesson Nine
Preparation Test
1. When a man is innocent, he is ().
2. He boasts that he is the () billiard player in the town.
3. A peninsula is surrounded on three sides by ().
4. The person whose work is () animals for food is called a butcher.
5. The man put a saddle on the () and ran away.
Part 1
Accord: What you have just said does not accord with what you told yesterday.
Award: He was awarded the first prize in the speech contest.
Boast: He boasted about the big fish he had caught.
Butcher: You can buy meat at the butcher’s shop.
Cheek: Her cheek went red after she broke the window.
Competent: He was not competent enough to do the job. Before you can be a lawyer, you must have a competent knowledge of the law.
Consist: The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Happiness consist in contentment.
Crack: There is a crack in the ice, don't skate around here.
Debt: He was in debt when he was poor; but have been out of debt since he got rich.
Describe: The report described the accident in detail.
Part 2
Dispute: They disputed for hours where to go for their picnic.
Ease: The soldiers march two miles with ease.
Engage: She engaged a carpenter to repair the sofa and the table. The old lady engaged herself in making clothes for her neighbor’s children.
Express: He is still unable to express himself in English.
Fancy: By the power of fancy, we may create an unreal world.
Flee: The enemy were defeated and fled in disorder.
Fulfill: If you make a promise, you should fulfill it.
Grace: The ballet dancer danced with much grace.
Haunt: People say that the old house is haunted by a ghost.
Innocent: Is he guilty or innocent of the crime?
Part 3
Issue: The government issues money and stamp. This book was issued in New York in 1972. A lot of blood was issuing from the wound.
Landlord: The landlord put a new stove in my room.
Literature: Many foreigners are studying Chinese literature.
Manufacture: The manufacture of watches is the chief business of Switzerland. The factory manufactures automobiles in large quality by using machines.
Military: In some countries, every health young man must do two or three year’s military service.
Multiply: The population of the city is multiplying rapidly.
Numerous: Children often ask numerous questions about the universe.
Ordinary: His ordinary lunch consists of soap, a sandwich and milk.
Pardon: I beg your pardon for being late. We must pardon him for his little faults.
Peninsula: Spain or Italy is a peninsula.
Part 4
Plunge: He plunged into the river and save the boy.
Prevent: A heavy rain prevented us from going for a picnic.
Protest: Most of them protested against the new heavy tax.
Rear: The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.
Rent: Rent for this three-bedroom apartment is $ 500 a month. We don't own our house; we ent it form Mrs. Gay.
Revenge: His mind was filled with revenge.
Saddle: It is difficult to ride a house without a saddle.
Seal: The paper had been stamped with a required official seal. The treaty was signed and sealed by both governments.
Shelter: The cave provided a good shelter for the ancient people. The abandoned car sheltered them from the rain.
Slice: He ate two slices of bread for his breakfast.
Part 5
Spear: In Africa, spears are still used in hunting or fishing.
Stake: Stakes mark the boundary of his ranch. As a partner, he had a stake in that business. He staked all his money on the black horse.
Stretch: The beggar stretched out his hand for the money.
Surround: The field is surrounded by a high fence.
Tavern: They met at a tavern for a drink.
Timber: The fired destroyed thousands of acres of timber.
Trick: The tricks of the magician delighted the children. We were tricked into buying a poor car.
Vein: Blood poured from the cut vein.
Weaken: The illness weaken her heart.
Wring: I will wring your neck if you don't behave well.
Lesson Ten
Preparation Test
1. The fleet has a lot of ().
2. Make hay while().
3. While a person is (), he is ignorant.
4. John is guilty of murder, he ().
5. A () citizen obeys the laws of his country.
Part 1
Account: The boy gave his father an account of the ball game.
Angle: An angle of ninety degrees is called a right angle.
Aware: I was too sleepy to aware of how told it was.
Bold: Climbing the steep mountain is bold act.
Cabin: The pioneers lived in a cabin in the woods.
Cheer: Everyone was cheered by the news that peace had come.
Complain: She complained to the police about the barking of her neighbor’s dog.
Consolation: I got many letters of consolation when my mother died.
Crash: The bottle fell on the floor with a crash. He was killed in an aircraft crash.
Decay: Her teeth decayed because she ate too many sweets.
Deserve: If you do wrong, you deserve severe punishment.
Distinction: He treated all the children alike without distinction.
Echo: Their voice echoed in the big hall.
Enormous: The war cost an enormous sum of money.
Expose: Soldiers in an open field are exposed are to the enemy’s fire. He threatened to expose the secret to the police.
Farewell: We should have a farewell party before we leave.
Fleet: The Sixth(序数词没听出)Fleet in the harbor is moving towards our coast.
Function: The brain performs a very important function; it controls the nervous system of the body.
Gradual: A child’s growth into an adult is gradual.
Hay: They usually keep the hay in the barn.
Part 3
Ignorant: He is quite ignorant; he can't even read or write.
Inquire: I inquired him what he wanted.
Item: Meat, salad and potatoes were three of the items on her shopping list.
Landscape: From the church tower, we can overlook the beautiful landscape of the valley.
Liver: He was sent to the hospital because of his bed liver.
Manuscript: He sent the manuscript to the printer yesterday.
Millionaire: The man is a millionaire; he is a very rich man.
Murder: The man was guilty of murder; he killed someone.
Obey: Obey the law, or you will be punished.
Organization: The human body has a very complex organization.
Part 4
Parliament: Parliament is the law-making group in Great Britain.
Pepper: Pepper is used for making food taste better.
Poetry: The teacher praised his great efforts at poetry.
Preview: Before the movie was shown to the students, there was a preview for the teachers.
Provide: The farm provided them with all the food they needed.
Reckless: Two children were killed by a reckless driver.
Repair: We’d better repair the house before we move into it.
Saint: They named their child after the saint.
Search: We searched all day for the lost cat.
Sheriff: The sheriff brought the captured criminal before the judge.
Part 5
Specialist: The patient was advised to see a heart specialist.
Stalk: The hunter stalked the lion. With her hand in the air, she stalked out of the room.
The trunk of the tree and the stalk of the corn are stems.
Strict: They are very strict with their children.
Survey: He stood on the hill and surveyed the surrounding country.
Temper: He was in a good temper yesterday and smiled all day.
Tin: The house over there has a tin roof.
Trim: The student had his hair trimmed. The new house has a trim appearance.
Venture: If he is business venture succeeds, he will be wealthy. He ventured his life to save her from drowning.
Wealth: Mr. Johnson is very wealth man.
Wrist: He took the girl by the wrist.
Lesson Eleven
Preparation Test
1. A baby crawls before it ().
2. A () for receiving or entertaining guests are called a parlor.
3. Poisonous medicine is () to our body.
4. An ankle is the joint that connect the () and the leg.
5. A bachelor is an unmarried ().
Part 1
Accustom: She could not accustom herself to a hot climate in Africa.
Ankle: Human beings and all other animals that have feet and legs have ankles.
Bachelor: The young bachelor will soon be taking a wife.
Border: When we went camping, we put up our tents on the border of the lake.
Calm: Mother’s calm behavior made the frightened child quiet.
Chew: You should chew your food well before you swallow it.
Complex: The instructions for building the radio were so complex that we could not follow them.
Consolidate: Britain is trying to consolidate her position in the North Atlantic.
Crawl: The wounded soldier tried to crawl back to the tent.
Decent: You need decent clothes when you go to church.
Part 2
Despair: A feeling of despair came over him as the boat sank deeper in the water.
Distress: Her husband has just died and she is in great distress.
Edge: Don't put the glass on the edge of the table; it may get knocked off.
Enterprise: Building the big manufacturing company is a great enterprise.
Export: Last year, our exports exceeded our imports in value.
Fasten: He fastened the pages together win a pin.
Flesh: A fat man has much more flesh than a thin man.
Fund: That fund will be used for the expenses of the poor people.
Graduate: Her brother graduated from Harvard University Last year.
Heal: The medicine and rest will soon heal your wound.
Part 3
Illustrate: The teacher compared the heard to a pump to illustrate its function.
Insist: She insisted that she was right.
Jar: A jar has a wild mouse and sometimes has two handles.
Lane: He was driving her car in the down the narrow lane in the town.
Loan: He asked brother for a small loan to buy a house.
Maple: We have a maple in our yard. (our 与 yard连读,听起来像是our re yard)
Mingle: It is not easy for him to mingle with people because he was very shame.
Muscle: You can develop you arm muscle by playing tennis.
Object: A dark object moved between me and the door. He stood up and objected in strong language.
Origin: Ancient Greece is often called the origin of western civilization.
Part 4
Parlor: The parlor was crowded with many during the party.
Perceive: I soon perceived that I could not change his mind.
Poisonous: Some plants have poisonous roots or fruits(听起来像是foods).
Previous: I can't go for I have a previous engagement.
Province: Most countries are divided into several provinces.
Recommend: The doctor recommended that she should stay in bed for a week.
Replace: Most telephone operators have been replaced by dial telephones.
Ridiculous: It would be ridiculous to speak ill of one’s parents in public.
Shift: The wind shifted from east to west.
Slip: She slipped on the ice and hurt her hand. He inserted a slip marking his place in the book.
Part 5
Sphere: All points on the surface of a sphere are equally distant from the center.
Startle: I was startled at the news of his death.
Stroke: The strokes of the church awakened us.
Suspicion: The young man is under suspicion of murder.
Temple: The people went to the temple to pray. He had a cut on his right temple.
Toad: Toads have short legs and generally clumsier than frogs.
Troublesome: He is the most troublesome person in our class.
Vessel: Empty vessels make the most sound. The mark on her skin was caused by broken blood vessel. The port of London is filled with vessels of all kinds.
Web: A spider captures small insects with its web.
Yell: His yell of anger could be heard in the next room. During the game, the students often yelled with cheers.
Lesson Twelve
Preparation Test
1. Many museums have collections of priceless painting by ().
2. There wasn't enough () to flow the wood.
3. Those () over there are not edible.
4. He was jealous of his neighbor’s ().
5. His long speech bored me so that I heard all his stories with () interest.
Part 1
Ache: The boy is trying to forget the ache in his back.
Apparent: It is apparent that you dislike your job.
Barn: A farmer keeps his crops in the barn.
Bore: The man bores me; I have heard all his stories before.
Canal: Canals have been built to take water to the desert.
Chilly: You will chilly if you don't wear a coat on a cold day.
Compose: The chemistry teacher asked the students what water is composed of?
Constant: He was tired of his wife’s constant complaint.
Create: The Bible says the God create this world in seven days.
Decisive: Our Air Force (文本为小写) was decisive in winning the war.
Part 2
Desperate: The prisoners became desperate in their attempt to get free. She became so desperate that we feared for her sanity.
District: The farming district of The United States is in the Middle West.
Edible: This apple rotten and no longer edible.
Entertain: The circus entertained the children.
Explore: Columbus discovered America but not explore the new continent.
Fate: It was their fate to meet and marry.
Float: Wood floats on water and dust floats in the air.
Grand: The grand sight of the Niagara Falls cannot be forgotten for a long time.
Health: The children are quite health although they have slight cold at the moment.
Part 3
Imagine: I can imagine the scene clearly in my mind.
Inspire: His brother’s success inspired the boy to work harder.
Jealous: He was very jealous when discovered that she loved someone else.
Lantern: My wife bought a beautiful Chinese lantern for the living room.
Local: We have a small local broadcasting station in our town.
Marble: He was buried in a marble tomb.
Minor: The young actress was given a minor part in the new place.
Mutual: We were happy to have him as our mutual friends.
Objective: She always wanted to own her own house and now she has attained her objective.
Ornament: There were carved ornaments on the cabinet door.
Part 4
Partial: The play was only a partial success. A parent should not be partial to anyone of his children.
Perform: He always performs his work with great care. What kind of play will be performed in the theater tonight?
Polish: We polished the furniture on the day the guest arrived. (无文本)
Priceless: Only a very rich man could afford to buy these priceless paintings.
Publish: It is a good story, but we can't publish it; it would offend too many people.
Recognize: Honesty and sincerity in students are easily recognized by teachers.
Repeat: If you repeat this mistake, you will be punished.
Reward: As a reward for his bravery, the soldier was given a gold medal.
Sake: If you won't do it for you old sake, then do it for my sake.
Secret: He kept some money in a secret place. The old man has learned many of the secrets of nature.
Part 5
Shield: The shield protected him from the blows of his enemy. His wide hat shielded his eyes from the sun.
Slight: He stayed home for a day because of a slight illness.
Spell: He is under my spell and will do as I say. We had a long spell of hot weather last summer.
Stare: The little girl stared at the stranger man at the store.
String: The package is tied with red strings.
Suspect: The mouse suspected danger and did not tough the trap. The police have arrested two suspects in connection with the bank robbery.
Temperature: What the average temperature in Taipei on a summer day?
The teacher showed pictures of muscle tissues and brain tissues.
Troop: A troop of children gathered around the teacher. The soldiers are preparing to attack enemy troops.
Verse: A collection of his verse has just been published.
Weary: He felt weary after playing tennis for two hours. The boy wearies me with constant questions.
Lesson Thirteen
Preparation Test
1. The boy smashed the window with ().
2. The () coursed a serious flood.
3. There were some people standing on the deck of the ().
4. She gave her son some () for the purchase of his school books.
5. Being a () is a perilous profession.
Part 1
Achieve: The soldiers fight bravery had finally achieved victory.
Appreciate: You can't appreciate English poetry unless you have a good knowledge of how English is spoken. Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.
Basis: We judge a worker on the basis of his performance.
Bother: Don't bother me with such foolish questions.
Candle: There are ten candles on his birthday cake.
Choice: I don't like her, but she’s the people’s choice, I will obey her.
Compound: He compounded various substances into an effective medicine.
Constitute: Government should be constituted by the will of the people.
Deck: It’s very hot in the cabin; let’s go on the deck.
Despise: Fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Part 2
Distribute: The teacher distributed the examination papers to the each student of the class.
Educate: He was educated at a very good school when he was young.
Enthusiastic: My little brother is very enthusiastic about going to kindergarten.
Explode: The bomb fell on a field and exploded harmlessly.
Fault: She lives him in spite of his faults.
Flood: The rainstorms caused floods in the low-lying (lying没听出) parts of the town.
Funeral: Many friends attended the old lady’s funeral.
Grant: He was granted admission from Harvard University for the next fall semester.
Heap: The mother heaped the child’s plate with food.
Immediate: When there is a fire, it is necessary to take immediate action.
Part 3
Instance: Lincoln is an instance of a poor who became famous.
Jewel: The jewel in her ring is a diamond.
Lap: Mother holds the baby on her lap.
Locate: Where shall we locate our new office?
Marvel: Space travel is one of the marvels of our time.
Minute: He gave a minute description of the structure of the building.
Mysterious: She has a mysterious telephone last night.
Oblige: The student was obliged to do what the teacher had asked.
Outbreak: The outbreak of disorder was put down by the police in two hours.
Participate: Most of the students participated in the discussion.
Part 4
Perilous: It is always perilous to neglect our national defense.
Polite: He was polite to everyone he met at the party.
Priest: The priest will lead the church ceremony.
Purchase: They just purchase the new house near ?????(文本为 the school,明显错)They saved their money for the purchase of a house.
Reference: The journalist kept a card file (听不出) of information on his desk for easy reference.
Request: He requested her for going fishing with him. Your request for a ticket was made too late.
Ripe: Ripe fruit tastes good; unripe fruit usually tastes bad.
Satisfy: Nothing satisfies him; he is always complaining.
Security: I help the old lady cross the street in security.
Shortcoming: He is a good man, but he has many shortcomings.
Part 5
Smash: The cup smashed when the girl dropped it. We heard a smash in the kitchen.
Spin: There were hundreds of machines spinning cotton into thread. The earth spins as it moves around the sun.
Steady: He is making steady progress at school.
Stuff: The shoes were made of some stuff that looked like leather. She stuffed the pillow with feathers.
Sweat: The old farmer wiped the sweat off his brow. We sweat when it is very hot.
Terrible: The terrible storm destroyed many houses in the town.
Torch: The Statue of Liberty holds a torch in her right hand.
Turtle: Turtles live in fresh or salt water or on land.
Victim: They were the victims of dishonest merchant.
Welfare: They did everything for the welfare of their children.
Lesson Fourteen
Preparation Test
1. A greedy wants to have everything as () as possible.
2. The boy took the () to the pasture every morning.
3. A carpenter makes things with ().
4. The hill is so steep that it is very () to climb.
5. He was sent to () for his crimes.
Part 1
Actual: The actual amount of money was not known although they knew it was large.
Ash: Don't drop your cigarette on the carpet; use an ashtray.
Beat: The rain was beating against the windows.
Bowl: He ate only one bowl of rice and drank a glass of milk.
Carpenter: A carpenter builds and repairs the wooden parts of houses, barns or ships.
Circumstance: In no circumstances must a soldier leave his post without permission.
Conceive: Young children liked to watch television; they cannot conceive a life without it.
Contain: The book contains all the information you need.
Crime: He was found guilty of committing a serious crime.
Decorate: The streets were decorated with flags for the king’ visit.
Part 2
Determine: The size of your shoes is determined by the size of your feet.
Divide: The small river divides my land from his.
Elbow: He was watching television with his elbows bent, his chin in his hands.
Entrance: The entrance to the cave had been blocked up.
Expense: Most children are educated at public expense.
Feast: The king invited them to a feast last night.
Fog: We often have bad fogs in the southern coast during the winter.
Furnish: No one in the class can furnish the right answer to the question. The new hotel is finished, but it is not finished.
Greedy: Don't be so greedy; there is enough for everyone.
Hesitate: He hesitated to take such a big risk in his business.
Part 3
Impossible: Today it is impossible to cure cancer completely.
Institution: Colleges and universities are educational institutions.
Journal: Both he and his wife write for a business journal.
Launch: The United States launched a new spaceship yesterday.
Loss: Loss of health is more serious than loss of wealth.
Match: You can't match him in knowledge of wild plants. The drapes of the room match the rug of the floor.
Misfortune: His failure in business was due not to misfortune, but to his mistakes.
Native: The politician was never popular in his native country.
Obvious: It is obvious that two and two makes four.
Outstanding: He is an outstanding pitcher because of his ball control.
Part 4
Pasture: I saw many horses grazing on the pasture.
Personality: She was elected class president because of (文本无of) her good personality.
Port: New York and San Francisco are important ports of The United States.
Privilege: The members of the club have the privilege of buying the football ticket at special rates.
Puzzle: No one has yet succeeded in explaining the puzzle of how life first began.
Region: New York was one of the regions of the United States.
Resemble: They resemble each other in shape but not in color.
Roast: We need an oven to roast meat and potatoes.
Savage: They carried guns to protect themselves from the savage tribes.
Sentiment: The young girls preferred stories full of sentiments.
Part 5
Silence: Students are required to maintain silence in the library.
Sob: She sobbed when she heard the bad news.
Spit: Please spit your gum before you come into the classroom.
Steep: The hill was too steep for them to climb.
Substantial: John has made a substantial improvement in his health.
Swift: Be careful not to fall down; the current of the river is swift.
Thermometer: The doctor used a clinical thermometer to measure the patient’s temperature.
Tower: You should visit the Tower of London when you have a chance to visit England.
Typical: Turkey is a typical food for the Thanksgiving Day (大写) dinner.
Virgin: The man decided to marry a virgin who lives in the house next to his uncle.
Whisper: He whispered a few words at the corner.
Lesson Fifteen
Preparation Test
1. Dogs () to be patted.
2. A thirsty person wants to have something to ().
3. Because of the () harvest of crops, there is a scarcity of food.
4. He was filled with envy at my ().
5. Expedition is a () made for some special purposes.
Part 1
Additional: Mother needs additional help in the kitchen when we have guests for dinner.
Aspect: You must consider all aspects of this plan before we decide.
Beard: My grandfather has a long beard on his chin and cheeks.
Brass: He had brass buttons on his jackets.
Carve: The picture was carved on the surface of wood.
Civil: The judge ordered that the prisoner should lose his civil rights. The soldiers thought it would be a long time before civil government would be reestablished.
Concern: Don't trouble about things that don't concern you. I am much concerned about the future of this country.
Contest: The contest between France and England for North America ended in victory for England. The black birds contested with one another for nesting territory.
Critical: I don't like people who are too critical about everything. His condition has been reported as being very critical.
Decrease: The workmen want to decrease the number of working hours and to increase pay.
Part 2
Device: He invented a device for automatically lighting a gas stove. The child’s tears were a device to get attention.
Divine: To error is human; to forgive is divine.
Election: The election results were be broadcast tonight.
Envy: The boy’s new bicycle was an object of envy to all his friends.
Expedition: He was a member of the Everest Expedition.
Feature: The main features of the Southern California are the warm climate and the beautiful scenery.
Folly: After one year at the university, he gave up his studies. It was an act of the greatest folly.
Fury: In his fury at being punished, he broke the teacher’s favorite vase.
Grief: She went nearly mad with grief after the child died.
Hide: Hide it where no one else can find it.
Part 3
Impression: His speech made a strong impression on the audience.
Instruct: We have one teacher who instructs us in geography, English and history.
Journey: Life is a long journey from birth to death.
Lawn: I spent the whole afternoon mowing the lawn in the back yard.
Lovely: She was wearing a very lovely dress at the party.
Material: The building materials cost more, the price of houses increases.
Mislead: Her appearance mislead him, he thought she was young but she wasn't.
Navy: The navy defends the country’s shores and seas.
Occasion: I wish to express my sorrow on this occasion.
Overcome: In order to success, you must overcome any hardships.
Part 4
Pat: The child gave the dog a pat on the head. She patted her hear to be sure that it was neat.
Persuade: I know I should study, but he persuaded me to go to the movies.
Portable: A portable typewriter can easily be moved from place to place.
Procedure: The new secretary learned the procedure in the office.
Quality: Quality is more important than quantity.
Register: You are required to register before the election.
Resent: He strongly resents being called a fool.
Rod: She hung curtains on a rod.
Scarcity: The scarcity of fruit was caused by the drought.
Series: A series of raining days spoiled the their vocation.
Part 5
Silly: It’s silly of you to trust him.
Social: Juvenile delinquency is a series social problem in this country. It was a social meeting and no one discussed business.
Splendid: The rich man lives in a splendid house over there.
Steer: The steers were fattened (被动没听出来) for market. We steered the boat toward land.
Substitute: We often substitute margarine for butter.
Swing: The big ape swung itself from branch to branch.
Thirst: The horse satisfied its thirst at the river.
Trace: The police were unable to find any trace of the thief. His family can trace its history back to the tenth century.
Union: The United States of America is a federal union of fifty-one states.
Visible: The shore was barely visible through the fog.
Whistle: The policeman whistled for the automobile to stop.
Lesson Sixteen
Preparation Test
1. The teacher () be stern in the discipline of his pupils.
2. We visited a gallery of modern ().
3. If there is leak in the roof, you will have trouble in the () season.
4. The mayor is the person at the head of a ().
5. He split the wood with ().
Part 1
Admire: We all admire a brave boy, a beautiful picture or fine piece of work.
Assemble: The students were assembled in the school hall.
Beast: Lions, bears, cows and horses are beasts.
Bravery: A young man of bravery saved the child from the burning house.
Castle: A king once lived in the mountain castle.
Claim: Every citizen may claim the protection of the law.
Conclude: As he didn't get here at six, I concluded that he had been delayed.
Contract: Our shop contracted with a local clothing firm for a hundred coats a week. Most metals contract when they cool.
Crop: Wheat, corn and cotton are the three crops of the United States. The drought made the potato crop very small this year.
Deed: Good deeds should be rewarded and evil deeds should be punished.
Part 2
He devoted his efforts to the improvement of the parks in the city.
Divorce: He has been divorced for a year. His wife asked him for a divorce.
Elegant: The furnishings of the palace were elegant.
Equator: The United States is north of the equator.
Exist: We cannot exist without air, food and water.
Federal: The United States has a federal government.
Forbid: Smoking is forbidden in the crowded bus.
Gallery: Many pictures were hung on the walls of the gallery.
Grind: That mill grinds corn into meal, and wheat into flour.
Improve: She improved her handwriting by constant practice.
Part 3
Instrument: A doctor’s instrument must be kept clean.
Junior: This teacher course is for junior officers.
Leak: There is a leak in the roof. The rain is leaking in through a crack in the roof.
Lower: We lower our flag usually at six o’clock.
Mayor: A mayor is the chief government officer of a city or town.
Mistrust: He keeps his money at home because he mistrusts banks.
Neat: The child was taught to put away her toys and clothes to keep her room neat.
Occupy: Mrs. Smith Occupies an important position in the Ministry of Education.
Overall: The overall length of the table is six feet.
Patch: She sewed patches on the elbows of his jacket. The mother patched the boy’s trousers.
Part 4
Phrase: He spoke in simple phrases so that the children understood him.
Portion: His portion of the family property was the largest.
Procession: A funeral procession moved along the main street.
Quarrel: We have had a quarrel and don't speak to each other.
Regret: They said good-bye with great regret. I regret to say that I cannot help you this time.
Reserve: The seats are reserved for old and sick people.
Role: His role in the movie proved his acting ability.
Scare: The sudden noise scared her.
Serious: He spoken about the problem in a serious way.
Silverware: Her silverware consists of knives, forks, spoons, a water pitcher and candlesticks.
Part 5
Sole: He was the heir to the fortune when his rich aunt died. The stone cut the sole of his foot.
Split: The boy split the money into four shares.
Stern: He is very stern in his student’s discipline.
Subtract: Subtract two from four and the remainder is two.
Sword: Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.
Thorough: You must give the house a thorough cleaning everyday.
Tradition: It is a tradition that women get married in long white dresses.
Unite: The common interests made the countries unite.
Vision: The old man with glasses because his vision is very poor. We need a man of vision as president.
Widow: A widow is a woman whose husband had died and who has not married again.
Lesson Seventeen
Preparation Test
1. When all assist, the job () be done quickly.
2. An insult is an act or remark which () another’s feelings.
3. Clay is used to () bricks and pots.
4. Milk spoils quick if is not kept in a () place.
5. Fat ladies () to be lean.
Part 1
Admit: The servant opened the door and admitted me into the house.
Assist: She assisted her mother with the housework.
Behave: She has behaved well to his wife and children as well.
Cattle: The farmer raises one thousand head of cattle in his farm.
Clay: Clay is used for making pots, dishes, and bricks.
Condemn: All the newspapers condemned the general for his speech attacking a friendly nation.
Contrary: If you act contrary to the doctor’s advice, you won't get well again.
Crude: Oil and sugar are crude before being prepared for use. His matters were crude at the party.
Defeat: We defeated Lincoln High School in the baseball game yesterday.
Differ: The two brothers are like in appearance but differ widely in their tastes.
Part 2
Doll: My granddaughter is as pretty as a little doll.
Elementary: The elementary principles in mathematics are taught in the lower grades at school.
Equip: Is the ship fully equipped for its voyage?
Exhibit: Our men exhibited very bravery in the battle.
Feed: She always feeds the baby with a spoon.
Force: The thief took the money from the old man by force.
Gallop: The wild horse galloped down the hill. She went through the work at a gallop, so it couldn't have been done very well.
Grip: He gripped the boy by the arm.
Hind: The hind wings of some insects are shorter than the fore wings.
Impulse: A sudden impulse of anger arose in him when he was insulted.
Part 3
Insult: To call a brave a coward is an insult. The man insulted me by calling me a liar.
Jury: The jury decided that the man was guilty.
Lean: He lean forward to hear what she said to him. Do you see a lean lady walking across the street?
Loyal: As a loyal citizen, he supported his government.
Meantime: Her husband left at four and returned at seven, and in the meantime she wrote three letters.
Mixture: Green is a mixture of yellow and blue.
Needle: Mother sewed the button on my coat with needle and thread.
Occur: The terrible accident occurred last Friday.
Overlook: Our garden is overlooked by the neighbor’s window.
Path: The moon has a regular path through the sky.
Part 4
Physical: They studied the physical features of the earth in the science class. The doctor’s examination showed that he was in excellent physical condition.
Positive: We have positive knowledge that the earth moves around the sun.
Proclaim: Many former colonies have proclaimed their independence.
Queer: There was something queer about the way he walked.
Reign: The queen’s reign lasted more than fifty years. He reigned over the small country for ten years.
Reside: He has resided abroad for over ten years. Her charm resides in her happy smile.
Rooster: A rooster was leading many hens.
Scarf: The girl wore a green scarf over her shoulders.
Servant: They have two servants, a cook and a maid.
Similarity: Their differences are more noticeable than their similarities.
Part 5
Solemn: We watched the solemn in the church.
Spoil: She spoiled the meat by burning it.
Stiff: Leather shoes are usually still when they are new.
Subway: He always goes to work by subway.
Syllable: There are two syllables in the word “button”.
Thread: Nylon thread is stronger than cotton thread.
Trademark: The registration and protection of trademarks are now provided for by law.
University: Several new universities have been built in the last ten years.
Vocabulary: A lot of reading will increase your vocabulary.
Wildness: Jesus went out into the wildness to think alone.
Lesson Eighteen
Preparation Test
1. Water becomes solid when it ().
2. When a person is exhausted, he has () strength left.
3. Her best garment is the red () with lace.
4. It was cruel of him to make the donkey take such a () load.
5. This machine is () because of the defects in it.
Part 1
Advance: There are so many people that our advance was slow. We had made great advances in airplane design.
Assure: The captain assured the passenger that there was no danger.
Biology: Specialists in biology study the origin and structure of plant and animal life.
Brilliant: We have had a week of brilliant sunshine. Everyone likes to hear him; he is a brilliant speaker.
Cause: The flood last month was the cause of much damage.
Colony: Canada and Australia used to be British colony; now they are self governing.
Conduct: The children were rewarded for good conduct and punished for bad conduct.
Contrast: Contrast these foreign goods with the domestic products.
Cruel: The cruel mater beat his slave mercilessly with a whip.
Defect: The car was unsafe because of a defect in its construction.
Part 2
Differentiate: Can you differentiate this kind of rose from the others?
Domestic: Most newspapers publish both domestic and foreign news.
Embrace: He embraced the pretty with great affection.
Error: I failed my test because of errors in spelling.
Exhaust: There were almost exhausted when they reached the top of the mountain.
Festival: Every year, the city has a summer music festival in August.
Formation: School life has a great influence on the formation of a child’s character.
Garment: A new garment should be washed carefully.
Groan: The wounded man lay there groaning with no one to help him. We heard the groans of the man who had fallen off the cliff.
Hire: He hired a car and a man to drive it. The storekeeper hired a boy to deliver groceries.
Part 3
Incidental: Certain discomforts are incidental to the joys of camping out.
Intelligent: All human beings are more intelligent than animals.
Justice: Judges should have a sense of justice.
Leap: He leaped with joy of the good news.
Luck: She had luck to win first prize.
Measure: The tailor measured me for a new suit of clothes.
Mock: The naughty boys mocked the blind beggar.
Negative: The unhappy man has a negative attitude towards life.
Odd: Life would be very dull without the odd adventures now and then.
Owe: He owes his success to good luck more than to his ability.
Part 4
Patience: It needs great patience to teach little children.
Physician: The physician gave his sick patient some strong medicine.
Possess: He didn't have much money, but he always possessed good health.
Profession: He is preparing for the teaching profession.
Quit: The doctor told his patience to quit smoking and drinking.
Reject: He tried to join he army but was rejected because of his poor health.
Resign: The man resigned from job because of illness.
Rotten: The apple fallen on the ground will soon became rotten.
Scatter: The farmer scattered seeds on the field.
Severe: The man was given a severe punishment for stealing.
Part 5
Sin: Lying, stealing, dishonesty and cruelty are sins.
Solid: When water freezes and become solid, we call it ice. At what temperature does water become a solid?
Spokesman: At the meeting, the spokesman for the president gave us the president’s views.
Still: The room was still at the end of his speech.
Suck: The body sucked milk from its mother’s breast.
Symbolize: The red color symbolizes danger in many countries.
Threat: Your threats will not stop me from going.
Traffic: The police control the traffic in large cities.
Volcano: A dormant volcano may explode at any time.
Wipe: She wiped the dished with a paper towel.
Lesson Nineteen
Preparation Test
1. We () sugar and flower at the grocery.
2. If someone neglects duty, he gives () attention to it.
3. A cautious driver never drives his car too ().
4. Food must be () well to be digested properly.
5. We built a new fort in the south to () people.
Part 1
Advantage: He had the advantage of being born into a rich family.
Atmosphere: Most cities no longer have a clear atmosphere. There is an atmosphere of calm and peace in the country that is quite different from the atmosphere of a big city.
Broad: Miss Smith, our English teacher, has broad experience with children.
Cautious: A cautious thinker does not believe things without proof.
Color-blind: A color-blind man can't tell red from green.
Conference: Many international conferences have been held at Geneva.
Contribute: Honesty and hard work contribute to success and to happiness. Each worker contributed a dollar to the Red Cross
Crush: Wine is made by crushing grapes.
Defend: When the dog attacked me, I defended myself with my stick.
Digest: If you rested for half an hour after a meal, you will digest your food more easily.
Part 2
Dot: We watched the ship until it became a mere dot on the horizon.
Emergency: I keep a box of tools and a fire extinguisher in my car for use in an emergency.
Escape: The soldier escaped from the enemy’s prison.
Executive: The executive branch carried out the laws which have been made by the legislature.
Fetch: Please fetch me the dictionary from the study room.
Fort: They decided to build a new fort to protect the inhabitants of that area.
Gasp: The fireman heard the gasp of a boy in the smoky room. He gasped for air as he run from the smoke-filled room.
Grocery: We buy our rice at the nearest grocery.
Hollow: A tube or pipe is hollow, and therefore not heavy. A starving person has hollow eyes and cheeks.
Inclination: Most boys have a strong inclination for sports.
Part 3
Intend: I intended to get up early, but forgot to set the alarm.
Keen: Be careful with that knife. It’s got a keen edge. Live a knife, a woman’s tongue is very keen.
Leather: His shoes are made of leather imported from England.
Lumber: They bought lumber to make their fence.
Mechanic: The automobile mechanic repaired my car.
Mode: He suddenly became wealthy which changed his mode of life.
Neglect: Don't neglect writing to your parents at least once a month.
Offend: My friend was offended by the reporter’s questions.
Owl: Most owls hunt at night and live on small animals.
Pause: During the radio program, there were several pauses for advertisements. The dog paused for a moment when I called him.
Part 4
Pickpocket: Most pickpockets usually work in crowds of people.
Pot: Chinese usually keep soy sauce in a pot.
Profit: This company makes great profits from manufacturing automobiles.
Quiver: Her lips quivered like those of a child about to cry.
Rejoice: They rejoiced when they heard she was safe.
Resist: The troops were no longer able to resist the enemy attack.
Rough: The wall was of rough stones.
Scent: The hunting dogs followed the scent of the fox. A dog scented long the ground.
Sew: The doctor sewed up the soldier’s wound.
Sink: The sun is sinking in the west. She washed the dishes in the sink.
Part 5
Solution: That problem was very hard; it took many hours to get the solution.
Spot: She has a paint spot on her white dress. They are building their house at a beautiful spot.
Sting: Be careful, or the bee will sting you. A bee has its sting in the tail.
Suffer: During the war, many people suffered from hunger.
Sympathy: We feel sympathy for a person who is ill.
Thrill: She felt a thrill when she was kissed by a handsome pop star. She was thrill with delight when the actor winked at her.
Tragic: There was a tragic accident on the highway yesterday.
Up-to-date: The hotel was furnished with up-to-date furniture.
Volume: Our volume has a library of 100,000 volumes.
The storeroom has a volume of 4,000 cubic feet.
Willful: The willful child would not listen to what ever you say. The police think that it was a willful murder.
Lesson Twenty
Preparation Test
1. At last, they ceased their quarrel, in other words, they () their quarrel.
2. A man of dignity has a () character.
3. Man has lungs for ().
4. This wood is too () to kindle.
5. They paved the road with ().
Part 1
Adventure: A flight in an airplane is no longer such an adventure as it used to be.
Attach: He attached this stamp on the envelope.
Bitter: Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth.
Broadcast: The president’s speech was broadcasted in radio and television all over the country.
Cease: They ceased their work for a few minutes for rest.
Combine: The two countries combined their efforts against their enemy. Chemists combine different elements to form new compounds.
Confess: He confessed that he had done wrong.
Converse: I like to converse with my friends about interesting subjects.
Cultivate: The farmer cultivated his fields just before planting time.
Delay: The train was delayed because of heavy snow.
Part 2
Dignity: A man’s dignity depends on what he it.
Doubt: All his doubt and uncertainty made him unhappy.
Emotion: Love, hate, fear and enjoy are emotions.
Establish: The university was established in 1850 by the government.
Excuse: Please excuse me for opening your letter by mistake.
Fiber: Nylon is one of the most popular man-made fibers.
Forthright: His forthright behavior shows that he is honest, but he seems rude to some people.
Gay: We were all gay at the thought of coming holidays.
Guarantee: We have a one-year guarantee on our new car. The merchant guaranteed that the color of the material would not fade.
Holy: Jerusalem and Mecca are holy cities.
Part 3
Income: The government tax on income is called income tax.
Interest: His two great interests in life are music and painting.
Kindle: We tried to kindle the wood but it was wet and wouldn't kindle easily.
Legal: Hunting is legal only in certain seasons.
Lung: That opera singer has good lungs.
Medium: Television can be a medium for giving information and opinions.
Moderate: It is a large house but the garden is of moderate size.
Neighborhood: She lived in the neighborhood of the mill.
Odor: Water has neither odor nor color.
Pace: The old man can only walk at a slow pace.
Part 4
Pave: Today most roads are paved with asphalt.
Picturesque: There was a picturesque old mill at the foot of the mountain.
Pour: She poured mild from the bottle into the glasses.
Progress: He is showing rapid progress in his studies. His work is progressing smoothly as we expected.
Quote: The judge quoted various cases in support of his opinion.
Relate: We listened as he related his adventures. It is difficult to relate these results to her mistake.
Resolve: He resolved to do better work in the future.
Royal: The nobleman is man of the royal family.
Scheme: The scheme of building the road has failed. They schemed for the overthrow of the government.
Situate: The city is situated by the river.
Part 5
Somewhat: I was somewhat surprised to hear the bad news.
Spray: Jane was spraying green paint on the wall.
Stir: She stirred (两个r) her with a teaspoon.
Suitable: The park is a suitable place for a picnic.
Tale: Father likes to tell tales of his boyhood.
Throat: The murderer cut the old man’s throat.
Tramp: The soldiers tramped along the street. Someone tramped on my toes on the crowded bus.
Urge: Hunger urged her to steal a piece of bread.
Vow: Al the men made a vow of loyalty to their leader. They vowed vengeance against the oppressor.
Witch: It was thought witches generally use their power to do evil.
Lesson Twenty-one
Preparation Test
1. We could see the dim outline of building ().
2. The kite has () to maintain its balance.
3. A () man doesn't have much leisure.
4. A blacksmith makes and repairs things made of ().
5. The ice on the road melt in the ().
Part 1
Advertise: They advertised in the newspaper that they had a used car for sale.
Attack: They attacked the enemy at sundown.
Blacksmith: Blacksmith makes things with iron by heating and hammering it into shape.
Brook: A brood is a natural water way smaller than a river.
Ceiling: Lying on the sofa, he could see the ceiling of the room.
Comfort: I tried to comfort Jean after her mother’s death.
Confine: Please confine your remarks to the subject we are talking about. John was confined to bed for a week with his cold.
Convert: Give me time and I will convert her to our political party.
Cunning: He is as cunning as a fox.
Delegate: Our club sent two delegates to attend the meeting.
Part 2
Dim: The light is too dim for me to see.
Drag: The horse was dragging a heavy load.
Emperor: Napoleon was the emperor of France.
Estate: The rich man left a great estate when he died.
Exclaim: It’s eight o’clock, his mother exclaimed.
Fierce: He bought a fierce dog to guard his house.
Fortunate: You are fortunate in having such a fine family.
Gaze: For hours, she sat gazing at the stars.
Habit: Some people say that smoking is a bad habit.
Hop: He had hurt his (连读听不出) foot and had hop along.
Part 3
Independence: People on these islands (文本为单数) fought for independence and finally succeeded.
International: A treaty is an international agreement.
Kite: A kite was flying in the air at the end of a long string.
Leisure: She spends at least half of her leisure in reading.
Machinery: The factory has much new machinery.
Melt: The ice will melt when shines on it.
Modest: The hero was very modest about great deed.
Nervous: A person who has been overworking is likely to become nervous.
Offer: He offered a few ideas to improve the plan.
Pack: She packed a suitcase for the trip. The camper had cooking equipment in his pack.
Paw: The dog lifted his two front paws before his mater.
Pigeon: Pigeons are trained to carry messages.
Poverty: His ragged cloth and broken furniture indicated his poverty.
Project: A project to build a new church was discussed at the meeting.
Reduce: She is now 150 pounds. She has to reduce to her weigh.
Reply: She replied to my letter right away. He made no reply to my question.
Rifle: A rifle is usually fired from the shoulder.
Salary: His salary will be increased next year.
Section: Mother cut the pie into eight sections. The teacher section the history class by ability
Shoot: He shot at a bird but missed it.
Part 5
Slope: We climbed the steep slope of the hill. The railroad slopes up slightly at this point.
Spider: A spider is a small animal with eight legs.
Starve: They got lost in the desert and starved to death.
Structure: The structure of English is quite different from that of Chinese. The city hall is large stone structure.
Swallow: We swallowed all our food and drink. In the early evening, the air was filled with graceful swallows.
Tender: Cook the meat a long so that it’s really tender. He tended us money as payment for the book he had lost.
Trust: A child put trust in his parents. You shouldn't trust him; he is dishonest.
Vest: He likes to wear a vest under his jacket.
Weed: Many weeds are growing among the flowers. He spent the whole afternoon weeding in the garden.
Yield: This land yields good crops. The enemy finally yielded to our soldiers.
Lesson Twenty-two
Preparation Test
1. Delicate machines should be handled with great ().
2. The farmers drained the swamp to get more () more crops.
3. With brooms we () our rooms.
4. () voices hailed as we entered the hall.
5. The foul air in this room should be ().
Part 1
Affair: When he asked me how much money I earn, I told to him to mind his own affairs. The meeting was a noisy affair.
Attempt: I attempted to speak but was told to be quite.
Blade: A razor should have a very sharp blade.
Broom: I swept the broken glass into to pipe with a broom.
Cell: Bee store honey in the cells of the honeycomb. All animals and plants are made of cells.
Command: The officer commanded his men to fire the enemy.
Confirm: The rumor that there was flooding was confirmed by a news broadcast.
Convince: We are convinced that Anne went by train rather by plane.
Cure: This medicine should cure you of your cold. He has tried all sorts of cures but he is still ill.
Delicate: A pianist or violinist must have a delicate sense of touch.
Part 2
Dip: She dipped her hand into the pool to see how cold the water was.
Drain: You should dig trenches to drain away the water.
Emphasis: Some schools put special emphasis on language study.
Estimate: The gardener estimated that it would four hours to weed the garden.
Figure: I saw a figure approaching in the darkness.
Foul: We opened the windows to let out the foul air.
Gem: Diamonds and rubies are well known gems.
Hail: The crowd hailed the new boxing champion.
Horizon: We saw a small ship on the horizon.
Indicate: The arrow on the sign indicates the way to go.
Part 3
Interrupt: Don't interrupt me when I am busy.
Kneel: She knelt down to pull weeds from the flowerbed.
Lessen: The child’s fever lessened during the night.
Magic: In fairy tales, witches often use magic to change persons into animals or birds.
Mend: My brother mended the broken doll for me.
Moist: The thick steam in the room had made the walls moist.
Nest: Most birds led their legs in their nests.
Official: The president is the most powerful government official. The letter should be written in an official style.
Package: He carried a large package of books.
Payroll: Don't do the work until he puts you on the payroll.
Part 4
Pile: The room was full of piles of old books. The snow piled so high in front of the door that we couldn't get out.
Practical: His plan was interesting but not practical.
Prompt: His prompt action prevented serious trouble.
Refer: If you don't know what this mean, refer to the dictionary.
Represent: On the map, blue represents water, and brown represents land.
Righteous: He is a righteous man, he always behaviors justly.
Sandwich: He ate sandwiches for lunch. Their house was sandwiched between two tall buildings.
Secure: He hoped for a secure old age. We must secure ourselves against the dangers of the coming storms. He’s (听成his) lucky to have secured himself such a good luck.
Shortage: The rice crop was be poor because of the shortage of rain.
Smart: Both of his children are very smart.
Part 5
Spill: The child spilled the milk on the floor.
Statesman: Winston Churchill was a famous English statesman.
Struggle: The widow struggled to send her six children to college.
Sway: The branches of the trees were swaying in the wind. The sway of the pail caused some milk to spill out.
Term: Are there any examinations at the end of this term? The author uses many technical terms in this book. The terms of the contract are unfair.
Toil: They toiled with their hands for a living. He succeeded after years of toil. A lion was caught in the toils.
Tune: There are tunes that are easy to remember. A man is tuning the piano.
Vice: He loves drinking beer; it is one of his vices.
Weep: He lost control of his feelings and began to weep.
Zone: Don't come into the dangerous zone.
Lesson Twenty-three
Preparation Test
1. Most flowers would perish when () comes.
2. Experts know a lot about () things.
3. They look so () each other that we thought they were twins.
4. I was most grateful to John for his ().
5. Most () turn purple when they ripen.
Part 1
Acid: The acids burn holes in cloth wood.
Approach: As we approach the man, we saw that he was blind.
Battle: It is interesting to watch a battle between two lions.
Bough: The bough bent under the weight of the snow.
Capable: Mr. Smith is a man capable of doing anything.
Choke: The smoke from the burning building almost choked the fireman.
Comrade: The two boys were close comrade and did everything together.
Consult: Have you consulted your doctor about your illness?
Credit: If you pay your bills on time, your credit will be good.
Declare: When will the results of the their election be declared?
Part 2
Destroy: Careless children destroy all their toys.
Disturb: She opened the door quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping child.
Effective: His efforts to improve the school have been very effective.
Entire: The entire people in the country were surprised at the news the earthquake was coming.
Expert: She is an expert in teaching small children.
Favor: A mother shouldn't show too much favor to one of her children.
Flutter: The winds of the birds still fluttered after it had been shut down.
Fur: The fur coat will keep you warm during the winter.
Grateful: I’m grateful to the friends who had helped me.
Heal: Wicked persons are said to be punished in heal after death.
Part 3
Immense: An ocean is an immense body of water.
Instant: The medicine gave instant relief from pain.
Join: Those two towns are joined by a railway.
Lash: The prisoner received ten lashes. He lashed the horse until it ran.
Lodge: We lodged in a hotel on our trip.
Mast: The ship has four masts for its sails.
Mirror: A woman usually carries a small in her bag.
Nail: Many women have nails for beauty. He hammered some nails into the piece of hard wood.
Observe: Did you observe anything stranger in that boy’s behavior? A careful driver observes the traffic rules.
Outlook: From my study window, I had a pleasant outlook over mountains and valleys.
Part 4
Passage: The old bridge is not stronger enough to allow the passage of heavy Part. The passage between the two houses was blocked.
Perish: Hundreds of people perished in the earthquake.
Politician: Politicians are very busy when the election time comes.
Primary: His primary reason for studying is to get a better job.
Purple: The artist likes to use purple in his painting.
Reflect: The sunlight was reflected from the water. Take enough time to reflect before doing important things.
Require: Every foreign student was required to take an English examination.
Risk: There are always some risks in every adventure.
Sauce: The vegetables were eaten with a cheese sauce.
Seek: He is going to Canada to seek his fortune.
Part 5
Shriek: A shriek of pain came from the wounded man. The girls were shrieking with laughter.
Snatch: The thief snatched her handbag and run away. He made a snatch at the rope but missed.
Spine: His spine was broken in the accident.
Stem: The stem of a tree supports its branches and leaves.
Stumble: He stumbled over a stone on the rough path.
Sweep: While her mother was cooking, Mary swept the floor.
Territory: Some people like to travel through unknown territory.
Torture: Most of the civilized nations do not torture prisoners. The sight of his sick brother was an unbearable torture to him.
Twin: I can't tell one twin from the other; they look alike.
Vine: Melons are pumpkins grow on vines.
Whip: The boy was whipped from telling a lie. It is cruel to use a whip to punish a little child.
Lesson Twenty-four
Preparation Test
1. He declined my offer to have lunch together, so I () with him.
2. An efficient worker () time and money in doing his job.
3. A stupid person behaves ().
4. The room is like a furnace; it is terribly ().
5. () houses are more permanent than () houses.
Part 1
Acquire: He acquired the money for his trip by working at night.
Apron: Wearing an apron over the front part of your clothes to keep them clean while cooking.
Bead: She was wearing a string of green beads around her neck.
Boundary: The new boundaries were fixed after the war.
Career: We can learn much by reading about the careers of great man.
Chop: He was chopping wood into small short pieces for burning.
Conceal: He concealed himself behind a large tree.
Contact: If you bring fire into contact with gunpowder, there will be an explosion.
Creep: We crept the bushes towards the enemy.
Decline: I said I would give him $ 10,000 for the horse, but he declined my offer.
Part 2
Detail: Everything in her story (her听不出) is correct to the smallest detail.
Ditch: A ditch is a long, narrow place dug in the earth to carry off water.
Efficient: Our efficient new machines are cheaper than old ones.
Entitle: The author entitled his book “Treasure Island”.
Experiment: Scientists test our theories by experiments.
Favorite: What is your favorite flower? Among those records, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of my favorites.
Foam: The breaking waves make foam near the coast.
Furnace: An oil furnace heats our school building in winter.
Grave: We visited his grave and put flowers on it.
Herd: We saw a big herd of cattle in the farm.
Part 3
Import: The United States imports coffee from Brazil. Last, we reduced the amount of import and expended that of export.
Instinct: He has an instinct for always doing and saying the right thing.
Joint: The joint of the chair were very loose.
Latter: Of these two man, the former is dead, but the latter is still alive.
Lonesome: The old woman was lonesome without children.
Masterpiece: All of his paintings were considered as masterpieces.
Miserable: The child is hungry, tired and homeless; he is a miserable child.
Naked: Some naked boys were swimming in the river.
Obtain: It is necessary to obtain a permit to hunt or fish in this state.
Output: What is the daily output of automobiles in this factory?
Part 4
Passionate: They soon fell in passionate love with each other.
Permanent: After doing temporary jobs for a month, he got a permanent position as a clerk in a store.
Populous: China is one of the populous countries.
Pursue: The police are pursuing the escaped prisoner.
Reform: The new president promised to reform the government.
Rescue: The passengers were rescued from the sinking ship.
Rival: The two boys were rivals for the first prize.
Saucy: The girl was saucy to her mother. The girl was wearing a saucy new hat.
Seize: Mother seized the child by the arm. The weapons hidden in the house was seized by the police.
Part 5
Shut: Shut the goat so the dog can't get out.
Soak: She soaked the clothes before washing them. Use this cloth to soak up the spilled milk.
Spirit: Though he is dead, he is with us in spirit.
Stepmother: Mary didn't get long with her stepmother.
Stupid: It was stupid of you to run away from the accident.
Swell: Wood often swells when it is wet.
Theme: The theme of his talk was “The Need of Education”.
Tough: Only tough breeds of sheep can live in the mountain.
Twist: She twisted her hair around her fingers to make it curl.
Violence: The policeman had to use violence to arrest the murderer.
Whirl: The dancer suddenly made a whirl. The leaves whirled in the wind.

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  亲爱的各位网虫:大家好! 泡网辛苦了! 也许有一天,你突然收到200元钱,甚至2000元钱,请不要惊讶。因为这是你泡网劳动所得。 近来,各大论坛上充斥着看新闻的广告文章,什么cashfiesta,什么NewsBar,什么SABar等等,弄得我们眼花缭乱。 为了明辩真相,我主动“上当”,深入虎穴,经过使用,写下这篇分析性文章,供大家辩证参考,而不是望盲目地肯定或否则。 一、共同关心的问题: 第一, 真实性。有些广告条公司确有是真,外国的象cashfiesta,它在CCTV-10曾做过报道;国内的两家:新闻时报NewsBar与SOHO广告SABar也在国家信息产业部http://www.miibeian.gov.cn 上进行了ICP备案,有备案号,我查过SOH广告网为:蜀ICP备05006334号;新闻时报所属中国广告网为:苏ICP备05000038号。这说明什么其实我也不十分清楚,至少应该认为是合法吧。 第二, 下线数。中国虽有8000万网民,但并不是所有人都有自己的电脑,装了宽带,而装了宽带的部分是较有钱的人士,他们不屑于干这种小事,面子观与所谓的层次性使他们不会做。尽管李嘉诚、比尔盖次买东西还讨价还价。因此,本质上没有那么多可发展的下线,也许不超过1000万。 第三, 广告条。所有广告条都不大,约占屏幕的十分之一,但Cashfiesta广告条不能点击隐藏,一隐藏它就不计时了,从而没有点,即你必须让广告显示在桌面上,网络不好的还时有断线(那就是让它打广告了)。至于点击小人物,国内有这种工具,不用自己老动手,一天24小时可长期挂。NewsBar与SABar可点隐藏,仍然计时,隐藏时就在桌面上显示一个小图标(类似于下载工具FlashGet的图标),需要保存点数时,有提示音,但NewsBar需要输入验证码,SABar没有。它们都限制使用时间,NewsBar是三小时,SABar虽然说是四小时,但目前全天可挂。 第四, 弹出页。上面三种广告条在登陆时都会弹出页面。在使用过程中,只有NewsBar会不时弹出页面。因为它要求将IE设置允许弹出才能连上服务器。而且在保存点数时,也会弹出网页来(有点烦),另外两个没有这种现象。 第五, 性。并不是像说的那样,除非你真的能发展上千个以上的下线,并且下线努力“工作”。这就要求你走在最前面。新闻时报NewsBar主页上说有部分会员月收入超千元了,我未去证实。因为使用时间短,我自己赚的还不到最低支付。不过,对于我们发展中国家中的穷人,赚点小钱补贴上网费,减小宽带浪费还是有可取之处的。 第六, 注册费。所有这些注册都是的,即不需要任何投入。 二、一些不成熟的建议: 第一,用广告条来打广告应该是一种新的广告方式,不像电视,逼着用户看。网络不一样,你要让我看广告,使用我的电脑资源,应该付钱是有道理的。其实我们打开任何一家网站,最引人注意的不是我们要找的内容,而是广告,就是电视上一样,逼着我们去看,所以我们常采用屏蔽的办法,降低了广告的效果。我个人觉得这种广告条的做法将是一种有效的广告方法,为用户看广告的劳动与使用其电脑资源付出报酬。国外这一方式应该是已经很普遍了(因为许多网赚站上罗列出一大垒来,叫用户去注册),国内才起步。 第二,对于上面三种,我不喜欢cashfiesta与NewsBar。因为cashfiesta老挂着要占电脑屏幕,影响我的工作,要想发展几个下线,下线还得懂点英文才行。要想赚很多,还要注册什么offer,大多数是国外的,我试了一下,不好使,多数要用信用卡之类;而NewsBar经常弹出广告,保存点时要输入验证码,影响了工作,也许是国内第一家的缘故吧,就像聊天软件中的QQ。SABar还行,隐藏时不过是一个图标,使用中不弹出什么,但只支持一级下线,发展下线没劲。我现在就用SABar以及TongBao。上网时记得就挂一挂,玩一玩,不当一回事。不记得就算了。要是有一天能收到100元或更多,那是一种意外的收获了。挂QQ就不如挂这个实惠了,单干一个月最低7元,有下线就更加不同了,它支持五级下线。 好了,介绍到此,你若没兴趣就算了,耽误了你的时间。你若有兴趣,就注册试一下。你向别人推荐时就换成你的用户名行了。SOHO广告网注册 (推荐)http://www.sohoads.com/sabar/reg.asp?sj=lizhenxionghttp://www.8qu.net/register.asp?net=yinyushengyi 通宝广告网注册


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有别于CashFiesta需每个月注册Special Offer或积极找寻下线以维持黄金会员资格的规定,
因为我自己也还是一位新手,学校学术网络俗又大碗,上网又没有电费跟时间的压力,所以一般来说我都是CashFiesta跟CashSpace同时上线,只不过试了几个月之后,CashFiesta让我常常为了要成为黄金会员而伤神(一般人1, 000点换0.001美元,黄金会员1, 000点则可换1.66美元),而且因为注册Special Offer的缘故,信箱内常常被垃圾信塞爆,感觉真的很糟!

*First Name(名)
*Last Name(姓):
*Mailing Address(收支票的地址):须用英文填写。(一般是先写门牌号,再写城市街道,再写城市名称,再写省份,学会英语应该都知道哦,这可是初中的知识,应该没有问题吧。)
*State or Province(省、州或郡):台湾的朋友就打Taiwan。
*Postal Code(邮政编码):邮寄地址查询时候就会一起提供。
*E-mail Address(电子邮件地址,我先提醒大家一下,在这之前你最好先申请一新的雅虎邮箱,当然也是免费的哦,因为雅虎邮箱可以收国外邮件,这也是我试出来的,办法可行,特告诉大家。)
*Please confirm your e-mail address(请再输输入一遍你的电子邮件地址)
第二部分是会员调查(Member Survey),你可以自由填写,或是不予回答(No Comment):
*Yearly Salaries(年收入)
*Marital status(婚姻状况)
*Family members(家庭成员数目)
*Computer location(计算机位置)
*Have you ever made a purchase on-line?(是否曾网络购物?)
*How many hours do you typically spend on the web in a month?(每个月上网时数?)
*Select a referral system(选择介绍人回馈方案):这个部分非常、非常重要,请耐心看过我的
A - you 60 points + 7 levels: 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 2, 2 points / h
B - you 60 points +7 levels: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 points / h
C - you 60 points +7 levels: 20, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 points / h
(举例来说,A方案是指当你自己上线1小时可获得60点,而你的第一层下线每上线1小时,你就可获得10点的红利回馈,第二层下线上线1小时,则可获得8点的回馈,之后依7, 6, 5, 2. 2点的次序类推;
*Select a Partner ID(选择使用账号):限定要英文5 - 12字符。
*Select a password(选择密码):限定要英文5 - 12字符。
*Retype the password to confirm it(再次输入密码以确认)
*please tell us how you heard about us?(在哪里获知CashSpace的?)
*Referral Info(推荐人):这个部份请你们务必不要留空白,因为现在很多网站都
Become a Member(成为会员)即完成申请。
申请完毕后,你会收到来自CashSpace的确认邮件,邮件中有你的会员基本数据,你可以从信件上的连结进入CashSpace网站( http://www.cashspace.com/ ) <http://www.cashspace.com/>,并于网页左侧Download处



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